Gnocchi - Mascarpone Salad



prepare souce

  1. cut garlic
  2. bring stock to boil
  3. fry garlic in olive oil
  4. add tomatoes, vegetable stock, sugar

prepare gnocchi

  1. add 3 l water
  2. add 1 spoon salt
  3. bring to boil

prepare pesto

  1. setup mixer
  2. pre cut pistachios
  3. pre cut parmesan
  4. pre cut basil
  5. mix pistachios, basil, parmesan, salt in mixer

finish souce

  1. add dry pesto to souce

  2. season to taste

  3. stir in mascarpone

cook gnocchis

  1. add gnocchi into boiling water
  2. fish out gnochis once they float on the top
  3. rinse with cold water
  4. mix in souce