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last changeSat, 9 Mar 2019 06:59:23 +0000 (07:59 +0100)
2019-03-09 Vincent Dahmenhandlers/languagetool: adds wrapper functio get dyn... markdown/languagetool origin/markdown/languagetool
2019-03-08 Vincent Dahmentest/command_callback: adds checks for languagetool
2019-03-08 Vincent Dahmenhandlers/languagetool: adapts new lint check style
2018-12-27 Vincent Dahmenhandler/languagetool: lint fix (I was to lazy to rebase...
2018-12-27 Vincent Dahmentests/languagetool: inclue plain text insted of markdown
2018-12-27 Vincent Dahmenlinters: adds languagetool for mail and text
2018-12-27 Vincent Dahmenhandlers/languagetool: introduce a DefineLiner method...
2018-12-27 Vincent Dahmentests/languagetool: adds handler test
2018-12-26 Vincent Dahmenlinters/languagetools: adds param for language detectio...
2018-12-26 Vincent Dahmenlinters/languagetool: introduce separate handler; adds...
2018-12-21 Vincent Dahmenlinters/languagetool: changes highlighting to mark...
2018-12-21 Vincent Dahmenlinter/markdown: romeves param for langaugetool, due...
2018-12-21 Vincent Dahmenlinter/markdown: fixes languagetools according to proje...
2018-12-21 Vincent Dahmenlinter/markdown: adds support for languatool
2018-12-20 w0rpMerge pull request #2150 from mvgrimes/perl-linter... master origin/HEAD origin/master
2018-12-20 w0rpMerge pull request #2141 from benjaminjkraft/master
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