2019-03-09 Vincent Dahmenhandlers/languagetool: adds wrapper functio get dyn... markdown/languagetool origin/markdown/languagetool
2019-03-08 Vincent Dahmentest/command_callback: adds checks for languagetool
2019-03-08 Vincent Dahmenhandlers/languagetool: adapts new lint check style
2018-12-27 Vincent Dahmenhandler/languagetool: lint fix (I was to lazy to rebase...
2018-12-27 Vincent Dahmentests/languagetool: inclue plain text insted of markdown
2018-12-27 Vincent Dahmenlinters: adds languagetool for mail and text
2018-12-27 Vincent Dahmenhandlers/languagetool: introduce a DefineLiner method...
2018-12-27 Vincent Dahmentests/languagetool: adds handler test
2018-12-26 Vincent Dahmenlinters/languagetools: adds param for language detectio...
2018-12-26 Vincent Dahmenlinters/languagetool: introduce separate handler; adds...
2018-12-21 Vincent Dahmenlinters/languagetool: changes highlighting to mark...
2018-12-21 Vincent Dahmenlinter/markdown: romeves param for langaugetool, due...
2018-12-21 Vincent Dahmenlinter/markdown: fixes languagetools according to proje...
2018-12-21 Vincent Dahmenlinter/markdown: adds support for languatool
2018-12-20 w0rpMerge pull request #2150 from mvgrimes/perl-linter... master origin/HEAD origin/master
2018-12-20 w0rpMerge pull request #2141 from benjaminjkraft/master
2018-12-19 Ben KraftAdd versions of ALEGoToDefinition that open in splits
2018-12-19 Mark GrimesAdds tests for perl-linter where a second file/line...
2018-12-18 w0rp#2132 Change (buffer, lines) fixer functions to (buffer...
2018-12-18 w0rpMerge pull request #2153 from deltaskelta/gqlint-fix
2018-12-18 Jeff Willettechanged gqlint to lint the file on disk
2018-12-18 w0rpClose #2152 - Use ale_javascript_standard_options for...
2018-12-16 Mark GrimesUse non-greedy matching instead of looking for the...
2018-12-16 w0rpMerge pull request #2136 from hsanson/368-chktex-latex...
2018-12-14 Mark GrimesUpdate the perl-linter's l:pattern to catch missing...
2018-12-11 Horacio SansonAdd tests to lacheck linter
2018-12-10 Justin SearlsAdds standardrb linter (#2133)
2018-12-10 w0rpExplain the .* .gitignore rule
2018-12-10 w0rp#1520 - Add an :ALEDocumentation for tsserver
2018-12-10 Horacio SansonFix 368 - Lacheck reports errors from input{} files.
2018-12-07 Gordon FontenotAdd support for Pod based SwiftLint (#2122)
2018-12-06 w0rpMerge pull request #2061 from hsanson/1910-add-support...
2018-12-06 pmacostaAdd support for pydocstyle linter (#2085)
2018-12-06 Oskar Grunningrefactor sasslint linter (#2077)
2018-12-05 w0rpMerge pull request #2119 from hsanson/1994-fix-javalsp...
2018-12-05 Horacio SansonFix javalsp command.
2018-12-04 w0rpMerge pull request #2117 from gitter-badger/gitter...
2018-12-04 The Gitter... Add Gitter badge
2018-12-04 w0rpMake the suggestion about asking for help friendlier
2018-12-04 w0rpDo not wrap bug report lines
2018-12-04 w0rpFix a mistake with a link
2018-12-03 w0rpRevert "Merge pull request #2083 from zackhsi/scalac...
2018-12-03 w0rpTypo
2018-12-03 w0rpTell people to ask for tech support outside of GitHub...
2018-12-01 Horacio SansonAdd bibclen fixer support
2018-11-30 RyanMerge pull request #2110 from w0rp/lazy-clipboard v2.3.0
2018-11-30 RyanMerge pull request #1734 from sridhars/master
2018-11-29 Bjorn NeergaardMerge branch 'master' into sridhars
2018-11-29 Bjorn NeergaardAdd test for detail in lsp ReadDiagnostics
2018-11-29 Bjorn NeergaardUse single quotes to satisfy vint
2018-11-29 Bjorn NeergaardOnly set the unnamed register at the end of :ALEInfoToC...
2018-11-28 w0rpMerge pull request #2096 from mgedmin/flake8-uses-vcols
2018-11-26 w0rpMerge pull request #2104 from andys8/patch-1
2018-11-25 AndyReadme: Links for tsserver and cargo
2018-11-25 w0rpMerge pull request #2103 from bfredl/ns
2018-11-25 w0rpFixing linter problems
2018-11-25 Björn LinseDon't hardcode the namespace id for virtual text
2018-11-23 lfreephp: change phpstan's --errorFormat to --error-format...
2018-11-22 Marius GedminasFix unit tests
2018-11-22 Marius Gedminasflake8 reports visual columns
2018-11-21 w0rpMerge pull request #2068 from m-pilia/ispc
2018-11-21 Martino PiliaAdd --nowrap to ispc options
2018-11-19 w0rpMerge pull request #2070 from meain/fixer-prettier...
2018-11-19 w0rpFix #2084 - Disable mix by default, as it causes too...
2018-11-19 w0rpMerge pull request #2083 from zackhsi/scalac-until-jvm
2018-11-19 w0rpMerge pull request #2087 from m-pilia/ada
2018-11-18 Martino PiliaAdd GCC linter for Ada
2018-11-17 Zack HsiFix test
2018-11-17 w0rpMerge pull request #1907 from guill/compile_commands_fix
2018-11-17 Jacob SegalFix bug where last c flag was ignored
2018-11-16 Zack HsiContinue scalac compilation until just before bytecode...
2018-11-15 w0rpMerge pull request #2079 from jeffkreeftmeijer/vale...
2018-11-14 Jeff KreeftmeijerAdd Vale linter for AsciiDoc
2018-11-14 w0rpAdd style highlights for virtualtext and document all...
2018-11-14 jamestthompson3Add specific highlight groups for virtualtext (#2071)
2018-11-12 w0rpMerge pull request #2069 from meain/fixer-prettier...
2018-11-12 Abin Simonadd yaml to registry for prettier
2018-11-12 Abin Simonadd tests for prettier-html
2018-11-11 Martino PiliaLint ispc on disk to solve include imprecisions
2018-11-11 Martino PiliaAdd linter for ispc
2018-11-11 w0rpMerge pull request #2063 from languitar/better-checkstyle
2018-11-11 w0rpMerge pull request #2060 from meain/fixer-pretty-html
2018-11-11 w0rpFix #2054 - Make golint configurable
2018-11-11 w0rpMerge pull request #2056 from luan/virtualtext
2018-11-10 w0rpMerge pull request #2059 from jparise/test-elixir-paths
2018-11-10 w0rpMerge pull request #2053 from andreypopp/fix-ocamlforma...
2018-11-10 w0rpFix #1960 - Do not fix files on :wq
2018-11-08 w0rpEnable ESLint for Vue files by default
2018-11-07 Johannes WienkeLet checkstyle only lint original files
2018-11-07 Johannes WienkeSupport older checkstyle versions
2018-11-07 Luan SantosFix info text
2018-11-07 Luan SantosDocument ale_virtualtext_delay
2018-11-07 Luan SantosMove virtualtext handling to own file
2018-11-07 Abin SimonAdd prettier to html formatters
2018-11-06 Jon PariseRemove test/command_callback/mix_paths/
2018-11-06 w0rpMerge pull request #2045 from jparise/elixir-ls-umbrella
2018-11-06 w0rpUpdate the instructions for installing the tslint tsser...
2018-11-06 w0rpFix incorrect warning match
2018-11-06 Luan SantosAdd support for nvim's virtualtext on cursor
2018-11-05 w0rpExplain how to configure aliases better, especially...