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last changeSun, 1 Sep 2019 18:13:23 +0000 (20:13 +0200)
2019-09-01 Vincent Dahmenfinish master umbau origin/master
2019-08-11 Vincent Dahmenscore: dont stop the music
2019-08-10 Vincent Dahmenscore: set new source for translation
2019-08-10 Vincent Dahmenscore: works now with multiple domains and separate...
2019-08-10 Vincent Dahmeneval/plots: disabled two functions because the data...
2019-08-09 Vincent Dahmeneval/plots: make thins a little bit more beatiful
2019-08-09 Vincent Dahmenscore: enables multi scoring
2019-08-09 Vincent Dahmenplots: adds domains
2019-08-09 Vincent Dahmenscore: removes the right files...
2019-08-09 Vincent Dahmenscore: clean reference before teting
2019-08-09 Vincent Dahmensocre: diable nlg again
2019-08-09 Vincent Dahmenscore: fixes the same issue as last time...
2019-08-09 Vincent Dahmenscore: adds multi eval again
2019-08-09 Vincent Dahmeneval: small cleanup
2019-08-09 Vincent Dahmeneval/data: adds support for domains
2019-08-09 Vincent Dahmenscore: dobby cries
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