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2019-02-16 Vincent DahmenREADME: init master origin/master
2019-02-14 Vincent Dahmenlogging: removes logger object (but we may comeback...
2019-02-14 Vincent Dahmenhowl: expose only accounts through fire
2019-02-14 Vincent Dahmenconfig: sets path to user config through default_config
2019-02-14 Vincent Dahmenconfig: merge configs instead of overwriting
2019-02-14 Vincent Dahmenconfig: allows multi layer config with hardcoded defaul...
2019-02-14 Vincent Dahmenhowl: adds support for external editors
2019-02-13 Vincent Dahmenhowl: packs loadup in functions
2019-02-13 Vincent Dahmenhowl: adds cli arguments through fire module
2019-02-13 Vincent Dahmenplugin/sms: fixes inbox validation for empty entries
2019-02-12 Vincent Dahmenhowl: adds plugin architecture
2019-02-12 Vincent Dahmenhowl: init for executable
2019-02-12 Vincent DahmenTwilio: adds implementation for sms client
2019-02-12 Vincent DahmenMessanger: introduces first class
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