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last changeTue, 8 May 2018 07:43:41 +0000 (09:43 +0200)
2018-05-08 Mayeul CantanMerge pull request #8 from MayeulC/wip-CI master origin/HEAD origin/master v0.5.0b
2018-05-08 Mayeul CantanIgnore the test/ directory during coverage trough a...
2018-05-08 Mayeul CantanFix travis command
2018-04-23 Mayeul CantanImprove command line tests
2018-04-23 Mayeul CantanFix small mistake found while implementing CI
2018-04-23 Mayeul CantanAdd travis and coveralls badges
2018-04-23 Mayeul CantanAdd basic CI infrastructure for travis
2018-04-23 Mayeul CantanMerge next into master
2018-04-23 Mayeul CantanBump the version number to 0.5.0 v0.5.0
2018-04-22 Mayeul CantanFix argument passing when no argument is specified
2018-04-22 Mayeul CantanImprove command line help text
2018-04-22 Mayeul CantanWrap lines to 79 characters in every top-level script
2018-04-22 Mayeul CantanChange the introductory message
2018-04-22 Mayeul CantanFix the script not downloading when it should
2018-04-22 Mayeul CantanAdd license file
2018-04-22 Mayeul CantanImprove the readme
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