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last changeThu, 19 Sep 2013 00:42:16 +0000 (10:42 +1000)
2013-09-19 Andrew GregoryTESTS: add missing tests master origin/HEAD origin/develop origin/master
2013-09-19 Andrew GregoryFix make distcheck
2013-09-18 Xynemakepkg: redirect downloader output to STDERR
2013-09-18 Xynemakepkg: include all hash types in integlist
2013-09-18 Xynebacman: optionally include unmodified backup files...
2013-09-18 Xynebacman: update copyright information in version function
2013-09-18 Xynebacman: pass unshifted arguments to fakeroot
2013-09-18 Christian Hessedload: avoid renaming files downloaded via sync operations
2013-09-18 Aaron Lindsaycontrib: Unify quoting in error messages
2013-09-18 Dave Reisnermakepkg: use c-style for loops for integrity checks
2013-09-18 Dave Reisnermakepkg: always use read's -r flag with filenames
2013-09-18 Dave Reisnermakepkg: inline creation of checksum indenting
2013-09-18 Dave Reisnermakepkg: cleanup a few format string injections
2013-09-03 Dave Reisnerpactree: set full usage on DBs when registering
2013-09-03 Dave Reisnerpacman: add front end support for repo usage level
2013-09-03 Dave Reisnerlibalpm: introduce a usage level for repos
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