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2013-09-03 Dave Reisnerlibalpm: introduce a usage level for repos
2013-09-03 Dave Reisnerproto: remove redundancy in cd for each function
2013-09-03 Sami Kerolapacman/util.c: use switch when there are fall through...
2013-09-03 Jason St. JohnImprove --help switch output for pacman utils
2013-09-03 Dave Reisnermakepkg: add support for sha224 checksums
2013-09-03 Dave Reisnermakepkg: unify list of known hash algorithms
2013-09-03 Sami Kerolalibalpm: avoid name space conflict
2013-09-03 Sami Kerolacommon: compare value rather than pointer address
2013-09-03 Dave Reisnermakepkg.8: fix typo in usage
2013-09-03 Dave Reisneralpm: log errors for scriptlets terminated by a signal
2013-08-21 Allan McRaeStore fgetc output as an int.
2013-08-21 Andrew Gregoryconflict.c: fix directory ownership check
2013-08-21 Olivier Bruneldoc/repo-add: Add note on when signatures are added...
2013-08-21 Dave Reisnermakepkg: allow make-style environment var overrides
2013-08-21 Andrew Gregorycheck.c: break backup file search loop after match
2013-08-21 Allan McRaeDo not refer to FlySpray numbers
2013-08-21 Andrew Gregoryini.c: give recursion limit file scope
2013-08-21 Andrew Gregoryini.c: make errors in includes fatal
2013-08-21 Andrew Gregoryini.c: reuse line buffer
2013-08-21 Andrew Gregoryconf.c: extract ini parsing code to separate files
2013-08-21 Andrew Gregoryconf.c: pass _parse_directive as a callback
2013-08-21 Andrew Gregoryconf.c: move section handling out of _parseconfig
2013-08-21 Andrew Gregoryconf.c: move directive parsing out of _parseconfig
2013-08-21 Andrew Gregoryconf.c: move repo parsing out of _parseconfig
2013-08-21 Andrew Gregoryconf.c: add parse_options to section_t
2013-08-21 Andrew Gregorypactest: remove results summary
2013-08-21 Andrew Gregoryintegrate tests with automake
2013-08-21 Andrew Gregorypactest: accept test names without a switch
2013-08-21 Andrew Gregoryprovide default values for test scripts
2013-08-21 Andrew Gregoryconvert pactest to TAP output
2013-08-21 Andrew Gregorypactest: treat unknown rules as failures
2013-08-21 Andrew Gregoryconvert test scripts to tap output
2013-08-21 Andrew Gregoryquery006: only set expectfailure on 32-bit systems
2013-07-30 Allan McRaeReport missing directory if we can not initialise alpm...
2013-07-30 Allan McRaeRemove setlocale usage from the backend
2013-07-30 Allan McRaeWarn when directory ownership differs between filesyste...
2013-07-30 Allan McRaeOnly note backup file changes with -Qkk
2013-07-30 Jason St. JohnFix whitespace in makepkg.sh.in and makepkg-template...
2013-07-30 Jason St. JohnFix whitespace in pacsort.c and pactree.c
2013-07-30 Jonathan Frazierpacdiff: provide an --output option to show any .pac...
2013-07-30 Jonathan Frazierpacdiff: make pacmandb search the default type.
2013-07-30 Jonathan Frazierpacdiff: improve speed, accuracy finding active configs...
2013-07-30 Jonathan Frazierpacdiff: rework search type handling, add --find option
2013-07-30 Jonathan Frazierpacdiff: add --nocolor option for the terminally challe...
2013-07-30 Jonathan Frazierpacdiff: allow multiple separated options
2013-07-30 Jonathan Frazierpacdiff: clean up and reword --help
2013-07-30 Jonathan Frazierpacdiff: Search and give warnings for older pacsave...
2013-07-22 Ashley WhetterCorrected return codes for Sg flag
2013-07-22 Allan McRaeFix typo
2013-07-22 Zulker Nayeen... clarified descriptions for pactree -r (--help)
2013-07-22 Allan McRaeClarify inter-conflicts message
2013-07-22 Ashley WhetterInstall makedepends and checkdepends together
2013-07-22 Jonathan Frazierpacdiff: Add quit to found pacnew options
2013-07-22 Allan McRaeCarry a copy of gpgme.m4
2013-07-22 Allan McRaeRemove autoclean.sh
2013-07-22 Allan McRaePatch ltmain on autoreconf
2013-07-22 Allan McRaeUse autoreconf in autogen.sh
2013-07-22 Allan McRaeUpdate gitignore files for use with autoreconf
2013-07-22 Allan McRaeRemove autotools files
2013-07-22 Dave Reisnerbe_sync: avoid crashing on files in the root of a DB
2013-07-22 Allan McRaeHide unused parameter warnings when building without...
2013-07-22 Allan McRaeAdd missing header
2013-07-05 Andrew Gregoryuse full path when checking for mountpoints
2013-07-05 Dave Reisnerdo not check error from close(2)
2013-07-05 Simon GomizeljConsolidate and improve table implementations
2013-06-26 Allan McRaeupdate to automake 1.14
2013-06-26 Andrew Gregoryquery_fileowner: resolve trailing . or .. in paths
2013-06-26 Andrew Gregoryquery_fileowner: remove useless path variable
2013-06-26 Andrew Gregoryquery_group: allow package filters
2013-06-26 Andrew Gregoryskip unknown repo names for pacman -Sl
2013-06-26 Patrick SteinhardtEnable inverted patterns in NoExtract and NoUpgrade.
2013-06-26 Andrew Gregorydeps.c: check for indirect deps when ordering
2013-06-26 Olivier BrunelMake --unrequired filter packages that are optdep as...
2013-06-26 Patrick SteinhardtInstall unchanged backup files to get correct timestamps.
2013-06-26 Allan McRaeMerge branch 'maint'
2013-06-23 Andrea ScarpinoRespect paths with spaces on --install
2013-06-18 Allan McRaeMerge branch 'maint'
2013-06-18 Allan McRae4.1.2 release preparation
2013-06-18 Allan McRaecontrib: update .gitignore
2013-06-18 Allan McRaePull translation updates
2013-06-18 Karol Blazewiczpacscripts: Update for pacman changes
2013-06-18 Karol Blazewiczpacscripts: don't read the whole package from cache
2013-06-18 Allan McRaecheckupdates: Consistency in environmental variable...
2013-06-16 Allan McRaecontrib/checkupdates: fix typo
2013-06-16 Allan McRaemakepkg: fix typo for distcc test
2013-06-06 Allan McRaeCorrect INODECMD for BSD and Darwin
2013-06-06 Allan McRaepaccache: make --help output look nice on 80 width...
2013-06-06 Phillip Smithrepo-add; add option to remove existing package files...
2013-06-06 Allan McRaeDocument alpm_list files are to be stand alone
2013-06-06 Andrew Gregorydie if '-' is given with empty stdin
2013-06-06 Allan McRaeMerge branch 'maint'
2013-06-06 Allan McRaePull translation updates and regenerate
2013-06-04 Dave Reisnerpacman-key: Do not reinterpret keys from revoked keyrings
2013-06-04 Simon Gomizeljvalidate %FILEPATH% when parsing repo dbs
2013-06-04 Allan McRaeRestrict pkgname from starting with a dot.
2013-06-03 Andrew Gregoryimprove dir->file transition conflict resolution
2013-06-03 Andrew Gregoryquery_fileowner: remove symlink support
2013-06-03 Andrew Gregoryunlink_file: treat symlinks like normal files
2013-06-03 Andrew Gregoryextract_single_file: consolidate symlink cases
2013-06-03 Andrew Gregoryconflict.c: check for file -> dir replacements