2017-10-30 Andrew MontalentiAdd note about divshot master python3 origin/HEAD origin/master
2014-07-14 Andrew Montalentiupdate links to jinja
2014-07-14 Andrew Montalentiadd divshot config
2014-07-14 Andrew Montalenti.jinja all the things
2014-07-14 Andrew Montalentirename base templates to .jinja
2014-07-14 Andrew Montalentiremove vendorized EpicEditor
2014-07-14 Andrew Montalentide-parsely-ize the flask description
2014-07-14 Andrew Montalentiinitial commit of muckhacker
2014-07-14 Andrew Montalentisync structure
2014-07-14 Andrew Montalentimove all old stuff into attic/
2014-02-24 Nick SkelseyMore readable
2014-02-24 Nick SkelseyUpdate
2014-02-24 Nick SkelseyMerge pull request #2 from NSkelsey/master
2014-02-24 nskelseyfixed editor content loading, added functionality behin...
2014-02-24 nskelseyleft out updates from last commit...
2014-02-24 nskelseychanged WSIWYG to a markdown editor. Also broke api...
2014-02-23 nskelseyadmin index added... checkpointing
2014-02-23 nskelseycsrf protection added, minor tweaks to models
2014-02-22 nskelseylogin added, very rough
2014-02-16 nskelseymoar fabric
2014-02-16 Nick SkelseyMerge pull request #1 from NSkelsey/master
2014-02-16 nskelseyminor updates; fab provision was changed
2014-02-16 nskelseyRemoving files in app/
2014-02-16 nskelseyMoved the whole webcore into mucklib and built out...
2014-02-09 nskelseyBongo mongo
2014-02-08 nskelseyCreated basic post API using memory for (non)persistence
2014-01-04 Andrew Montalentismall fix to fabfile related to grunt
2014-01-04 Andrew Montalentiinitial commit of Muckhacker skeleton project
2014-01-04 Andrew Montalentiadd various definitions
2013-01-09 Andrew MontalentiInitial commit