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2020-08-17 Daniel EhlersMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' master origin/HEAD origin/master
2020-08-17 MoritzMANIFEST: add locales to wheel
2020-08-17 MoritzMANIFEST: add public and office templates to wheel
2020-08-17 Moritz FagoMANIFEST: add templates to wheel
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2020-07-31 Tobias KunzeFix code style
2020-07-31 Annika Hannigdo it the right way.
2020-07-31 Annika HannigFix missing attribute on real transactions source
2020-07-31 Tobias KunzeApply code style
2020-07-31 lemoer[transactions]: Transactions should only have either...
2020-07-31 Tobias Kunze[members] Rename new settings name
2020-07-31 lemoer[members] Add configuration option to calculate member...
2020-07-31 Tobias KunzeFix breaking test
2020-07-30 Tobias KunzeAdd GitHub actions
2020-07-30 Tobias KunzeUpdate translations file
2020-07-30 Tobias KunzeFix locale settings
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