2021-10-15 Nis WechselbergImplemented rough cut of batch transaction matching batch-bookings origin/batch-bookings
2021-04-30 dependabot... Upgrade to GitHub-native Dependabot master origin/HEAD origin/master
2021-03-07 Moritz FagoAdd note how to fix missing libmagic error on macOS
2021-02-18 therojamremoved unnessary "ß"
2020-12-26 Henryk PlötzImplement protected media serving
2020-12-11 Henryk PlötzRunning compress is necessary
2020-12-11 Henryk PlötzFix recurring warning messages because no "postgres...
2020-12-11 Henryk PlötzSITE_URL is an URL, ALLOWED_HOSTS needs a host name
2020-10-20 lutoFix migrations for members that only have a single...
2020-08-24 Henryk PlötzFix breakage introduced in #122
2020-08-24 Tobias KunzeFix code style
2020-08-24 Tobias KunzeAdd automatic to registration form
2020-08-24 Tobias KunzeProvide less technical labels in public lists
2020-08-24 Tobias KunzeAdd member name data to settings form
2020-08-24 Tobias KunzeAdd sort and address name fields
2020-08-21 Henryk PlötzMerge pull request #122 from lemoer/pr_initial_balance_csv
2020-08-21 Tobias KunzeUpdate requirements
2020-08-19 Tobias KunzeUpdate more dependencies
2020-08-18 Tobias KunzeFix mysql test config
2020-08-18 Tobias KunzeFix file name
2020-08-18 Tobias KunzeFix sqlite backend
2020-08-18 Tobias KunzeEvery template language is different
2020-08-18 Tobias KunzeBehind you! A three-headed monkey!
2020-08-18 Tobias KunzeTest other databases
2020-08-18 Tobias KunzeDrop PostgreSQL requirement
2020-08-18 Tobias KunzeUpgrade to Django 3.1
2020-07-31 Tobias KunzeFix code style
2020-07-31 Annika Hannigdo it the right way.
2020-07-31 Annika HannigFix missing attribute on real transactions source
2020-07-31 Tobias KunzeApply code style
2020-07-31 lemoer[transactions]: Transactions should only have either...
2020-07-31 Tobias Kunze[members] Rename new settings name
2020-07-31 lemoer[members] Add configuration option to calculate member...
2020-07-31 lemoer[members] Allow importing an initial balance via CSV...
2020-07-31 lemoer[members] Add last transaction date to dashboard.
2020-07-31 lemoer[members] Add a computed property "Last Member Fee...
2020-07-31 Tobias KunzeFix breaking test
2020-07-30 Tobias KunzeAdd GitHub actions
2020-07-30 Tobias KunzeUpdate translations file
2020-07-30 Tobias KunzeFix locale settings
2020-07-30 Tobias KunzeExclude tests from packaging
2020-07-30 Tobias KunzeAdd and run docformatter
2020-07-30 Tobias KunzeSpellcheck docs
2020-07-30 Tobias KunzeFix warnings
2020-07-30 Tobias KunzeFix breaking tests
2020-06-10 Tobias KunzeFix README
2020-06-03 Tobias KunzeRelease v0.0.1
2020-06-02 Tobias KunzeNever commit local config files
2020-06-02 Tobias KunzeMinor docs wording
2020-06-02 Tobias KunzeDocument byro.cfg in developer setup
2020-04-25 Tobias KunzeMake member tokens unique
2020-04-25 Tobias KunzeFix mail sending bug
2020-04-23 Tobias KunzeRemove broken import
2020-04-23 Tobias KunzeFix form saving bug
2020-04-23 Tobias KunzeUpdate translations
2020-04-23 Tobias KunzeAdd user page link to email footer
2020-04-23 Tobias KunzeShow published member data
2020-04-23 Tobias KunzeAdd individual opt-in levels
2020-04-22 Tobias KunzeFix broken links in documentation
2020-04-22 Tobias KunzeUpdate translations
2020-04-22 Tobias KunzeWhitelist documentation URLs
2020-04-22 Tobias KunzeReduce test warnings
2020-04-21 Tobias KunzeUpdate dependencies
2020-04-21 Tobias KunzeUpdate isort
2020-04-21 Tobias KunzeStop testing against 3.5
2020-04-21 Tobias KunzeTry to fix docs build
2020-04-21 Tobias KunzeRun flake8
2020-04-21 Tobias KunzeRun linters
2020-04-21 Tobias KunzeLess ugly url naming
2020-04-21 Tobias KunzeRemove config option for member visibility
2020-03-28 Claus F. Strasburgerproduction/ enhancements (#128)
2020-03-27 Tobias KunzeTry to get docs to build again
2020-03-25 Tobias KunzeAdd and use check-manifest
2020-03-25 Tobias KunzeAdd
2020-03-25 Tobias KunzeTry to get system byro version
2020-03-25 Tobias KunzeDon't show error when trying to find git
2020-03-16 Claus F. StrasburgerAdd scripts to deploy via docker container (#123)
2020-02-24 lemoerFix missing bracket in membership due calculation ...
2019-10-24 Tobias KunzeCode style
2019-09-23 Henryk PlötzImprove BIC check
2019-09-20 Tobias KunzeFix code style
2019-09-09 Henryk PlötzAdd BIC check
2019-09-09 Henryk PlötzFix display of messages.error
2019-09-08 Henryk PlötzFix get_authenticated_data() for objects with UUID pk.
2019-09-07 Henryk PlötzFix offline compression after breaking in 56d81988f36a7...
2019-09-07 Henryk PlötzFix copy and paste bug, also: allow running on Windows
2019-09-07 Henryk PlötzFlatten uuid.UUID to str on LogEntry
2019-09-06 Henryk PlötzMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2019-08-31 Tobias KunzeFix import ordering
2019-08-30 Tobias KunzeUse black completely in travis origin/black
2019-08-30 Tobias KunzeUse black
2019-08-30 Tobias KunzeWarn when running as root
2019-08-11 Henryk PlötzFix date format for bootstrap-datepicker
2019-06-28 Tobias KunzeUse repeat() over range() where possible
2019-06-18 Henryk PlötzMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2019-06-18 Henryk Plötz[office] Handle
2019-06-18 Henryk Plötz[office] Handle
2019-06-14 Henryk Plötz[members] Ignore unpaid memberships when calculating...
2019-06-11 Henryk PlötzFix schwifty version pin
2019-06-11 Henryk Plötz[SepaProfile] Improve handling of invalid IBAN/BIC