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2019-02-25 Michael ReevesAdded live offset tuning master origin/HEAD origin/master
2019-02-25 Michael ReevesI'm literally making cum
2019-02-25 unknownReady for blob detection integration tests
2019-02-25 unknownRefactored image processing into the current project...
2019-02-24 Michael ReevesAdded more tuning tools
2019-02-24 Michael ReevesAdded key tuning params/ sliders for pre-detection...
2019-02-23 unknownGot the blob detection working to the point I don't...
2019-02-23 unknownAdded some blob detection testing
2019-02-23 Michael ReevesMinimized G-Code package size to fit another detection...
2019-02-22 Michael ReevesTested package and detection lifecycles
2019-02-22 Michael Reevest
2019-02-22 unknownMonitoring for xy state
2019-02-22 Michael ReevesAdded printer XY position sampling
2019-02-22 Michael ReevesAdded some shit
2019-02-22 Michael ReevesAdded
2019-02-19 Michael ReevesAdded G-Code package structuring
2019-02-14 Michael ReevesRefactored and removed like one line lol`
2019-02-14 Michael ReevesAdded position saving and big structure refactoring
2019-02-14 Michael ReevesAdded printer specific tweaks and G-Code updates
2019-02-13 unknownInitial Commit