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last changeFri, 12 Oct 2018 14:45:47 +0000 (16:45 +0200)
2018-10-12 Vincent Dahmenshakedbot: adds additional logging master origin/HEAD origin/master
2018-10-12 Vincent Dahmenshakedbot/exploit: adds exit condition
2018-10-12 Vincent Dahmenshakedbot: introduces holy awk fix #fml
2018-10-11 rizCTFd: updated file containing the CSS customizations
2018-10-07 Benno EversAdapt pwn-script for secure-hash2.
2018-10-07 Benno EversBeautify for release.
2018-10-07 Vincent Dahmenshakedbot: adds logging; changes all bin to correct...
2018-10-07 Vincent Dahmenshakedbot/exploit: adds timeout and error monitor
2018-10-07 Vincent Dahmenshakedbot: fixes exploit and provides valid dockerfile
2018-10-06 Vitali Hennere-enable bwv2342
2018-10-06 Vitali Hennemove exploit to dummy folder for bwv4324 (to reduce...
2018-10-06 Vitali Hennemove non-released challenges in own folder (to reduce...
2018-10-06 anthraxxmove ez-web, only lowercase allowed
2018-10-06 Vitali Henneyo-know-john-dow: print flag
2018-10-06 Vitali Hennemake ot-crypto work with our infrastructure
2018-10-06 Benno EversChanged flag for 'secure-hash2'.
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