]> wolfpit.net Git - ctf/hackover2018/.git/shortlog
2018-10-12 Vincent Dahmenshakedbot: adds additional logging master origin/HEAD origin/master
2018-10-12 Vincent Dahmenshakedbot/exploit: adds exit condition
2018-10-12 Vincent Dahmenshakedbot: introduces holy awk fix #fml
2018-10-11 rizCTFd: updated file containing the CSS customizations
2018-10-07 Benno EversAdapt pwn-script for secure-hash2.
2018-10-07 Benno EversBeautify turing.mk for release.
2018-10-07 Vincent Dahmenshakedbot: adds logging; changes all bin to correct...
2018-10-07 Vincent Dahmenshakedbot/exploit: adds timeout and error monitor
2018-10-07 Vincent Dahmenshakedbot: fixes exploit and provides valid dockerfile
2018-10-06 Vitali Hennere-enable bwv2342
2018-10-06 Vitali Hennemove exploit to dummy folder for bwv4324 (to reduce...
2018-10-06 Vitali Hennemove non-released challenges in own folder (to reduce...
2018-10-06 anthraxxmove ez-web, only lowercase allowed
2018-10-06 Vitali Henneyo-know-john-dow: print flag
2018-10-06 Vitali Hennemake ot-crypto work with our infrastructure
2018-10-06 Benno EversChanged flag for 'secure-hash2'.
2018-10-06 Benno EversAdd new challenge: secure_hash2
2018-10-06 squififixes Dockerfile and pwnSkript
2018-10-06 heddhaflag changed
2018-10-06 heddhadifferent flag
2018-10-06 squifiI-love-heddha: adds maintainability
2018-10-06 squifiILoveHeddha: enables monitoring and maintainability
2018-10-06 Vincent Dahmenshakedbot: changes bot to use hackint
2018-10-06 rizCTFd: added further files used for customization
2018-10-06 Vitali Henneadd verify_monitor_status command
2018-10-06 Vitali Hennesuper hacky solution for the monitoring timeout problem
2018-10-05 Vitali Hennerename EZ-Web and ILoveHeddha to canonical names
2018-10-05 Vitali Hennehopefully fix holy-graal exploit skript
2018-10-05 anthraxxremove emptyfile for crypto
2018-10-05 Vitali Hennemake EX-Web deployable + monitorable
2018-10-05 squifiAdd challenge: ILoveHeddha
2018-10-05 kpcyrdshakedbot: Add docker deployment
2018-10-05 squifirebase instead of merge
2018-10-05 Benno EversAdd challenge: flagmaker.
2018-10-05 Lennart Braunfix flag format
2018-10-05 Lennart Braunadd qauth challenge
2018-10-05 Lennart Braunadd oblivious transfer challenge
2018-10-05 anthraxxctfctl: show monitoring header line for ctfd VM
2018-10-05 anthraxxctfctl: make record command skip, update or create...
2018-10-05 anthraxxctfctl: always show system status of ctfd
2018-10-05 anthraxxctfctl: adding very simple DNS record API for now
2018-10-05 anthraxxCTFd_docs: adding index example
2018-10-05 rizCTFd: added further files for future reference
2018-10-05 anthraxxctfctl: allow health_status on a single vm by name
2018-10-05 anthraxxctfctl: show system stats for ctfd-backup vm as well
2018-10-05 anthraxxctfctl: add colorama to requirements
2018-10-05 anthraxxctfctl: add bool options to health_status to show pwn...
2018-10-05 Vitali Henneset runtimeMaxSec and give the monitoring vms names
2018-10-05 Vitali Henneprint time after monitoring
2018-10-05 rizCTFd: added backup files for future reference
2018-10-05 kpcyrdpwn/military-crypto: fix challenge
2018-10-05 rizadded another cache folder to .gitignore
2018-10-05 Vitali Henneunify flag format + fix exploit skript for slip2slash
2018-10-05 anthraxxmilitary-crypto: adding bit of fluff
2018-10-05 anthraxxctfctl: adding hint to use add_pub_key before sync_pub_keys
2018-10-05 anthraxxctfctl: sync pub keys to all vms that are active
2018-10-05 anthraxxctfctl: adding sync_pub_keys command
2018-10-05 Alex Mantel... change passwords in you know john dow?
2018-10-05 kpcyrdpwn/military-crypto: add priv+pub key
2018-10-05 Vitali Hennechange backups to use systemd timers and add create...
2018-10-05 anthraxxcyberware: add all text files
2018-10-05 anthraxxcyberware: adding tiny hint for error state
2018-10-05 squificleans up compiled files
2018-10-05 squifiadds src and pwn skript
2018-10-05 unknownadds EZ-Web-1.0 challenge
2018-10-05 Vitali Hennectfctl: on monitoring creation also check if the vm...
2018-10-05 Vitali Hennechange flag to canonical format of cloud-note and fix...
2018-10-05 Vitali Hennerename CloudNote to cloud-note and move cyberware to web
2018-10-05 anthraxxrenamed yo_know_john_dow to yo-know-john-dow
2018-10-05 Vitali Henne(hoefully) making all exploit scripts work with monitoring
2018-10-05 Vitali Hennectfctl: do not break monitoring if challenge vms are...
2018-10-05 Vitali HenneFix non-initialized stdouts var
2018-10-05 Vitali Henneset timeout for monitoring and fix refactoring error
2018-10-05 Vitali HenneFirst super hacky and dirty vresion of monitoring
2018-10-05 Vitali Henneholy-graal: minor fixes
2018-10-05 Vitali Hennemoved holy-grail to new directory
2018-10-05 Alex Mantel... remvoe noterepo
2018-10-05 Alex Mantel... rm -fr tests/
2018-10-05 pspaceAdapting exploit.py and Dockerfile to new requirements
2018-10-05 kpcyrdFix pwntools for non-interactive docker
2018-10-03 Alex Mantel... cleanup
2018-10-03 Alex Mantel... make pwn script a docker image
2018-10-03 Alex Mantel... Adjust dockerfile
2018-10-03 Alex Mantel... Remove empty file
2018-10-03 Alex Mantel... Add web/yo_know_john_dow
2018-10-03 kpcyrdAdd dockerfiles for challenges
2018-10-03 pspaceexploit script + dockerfile
2018-10-02 kpcyrdpwn/spammers-paradise: add challenge
2018-10-02 pspaceOnepass Android flag added
2018-10-02 pspaceOnepass Android challenge added
2018-10-02 pspaceadding bwv2342 and solver
2018-10-02 pspaceadding bwv2342 and solver
2018-10-01 Vitali Hennectfctl: WIP version of monitoring skript
2018-10-01 Vitali Henneholy_graal: add exploit docker file
2018-09-30 Vitali Henneadd ctfd submodule
2018-09-30 Vitali Henneadded pwn/holy_graal
2018-09-30 heddhamoved to more appropriate category
2018-09-29 Oliver 'jen... Add STBM pwnable challenge
2018-09-27 anthraxxctfctl: allow create_challenge with ending slash
2018-09-27 anthraxxcyberware: update flag file in git