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2019-03-03 Hendrik 'T4cC0re... Fix timeout when set to 0; Add support for rebooting... master origin/HEAD origin/master v1.1.0
2019-01-01 Hendrik 'T4cC0re... Fix a runtime error v1.0.3
2019-01-01 Hendrik MeyerAdd LICENSE
2019-01-01 Hendrik 'T4cC0re... Moved timeout to a variable that can be controlled... v1.0.2
2019-01-01 Hendrik 'T4cC0re... Fix timeout v1.0.1
2019-01-01 Hendrik 'T4cC0re... Initial Version 1.0.0 v1.0.0
3 years ago v1.1.0
3 years ago v1.0.3
3 years ago v1.0.2
3 years ago v1.0.1
3 years ago v1.0.0
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